LADIHOOD - The Art of Being a Lady
 "Grooming Women of All  Ages Into Well-Rounded Ladies of Substance"
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Mom's, Mentors and Guardians...Ladihood is making a statement and taking a stand against the negative portrayal of women of all ages in disrespectful and vulgar ways. We want to focus on the positive, graceful, beautiful side of women, the ...side that portrays us as the ladies that we are and the ladies that we would like to groom our young girls to be! While the media may muddy "Ladihood" ...being authentic to who we really are never goes away. We are proud to release the 2015 Ladihood Calendar the theme "Ladihood through the Ages and Over Continents"! Proceeds from it's sale will go back into the Ladihood program as we continue to bond women of all ages, grooming them into well-rounded ladies of substance! Calendars are $10 Each...feel free to order them in bulk to give as gifts for the season and/or for members of your youth or womens organizations so that all can be reminded every month of 2015 that being a Lady is such a beautiful thing! Click the "Order" button below and .in the comments section of the donation please type in the address for delivery or whether you would like to pick up your order. All orders will be delivered no later than December 20, 2014. We thank you for your support!
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Ladihood is getting geared up for or 2015 Courses and Events.....We can't wait for you and your young lady (ies) to join us!

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Four Powerful Sessions that you can't afford to miss
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Ladihood: The Art of Being A Lady
The Art of Being A  Lady
Every Mother's dream is to transfer to their daughter what it means to be a "Lady". 
Unfortunately, in a world where "dainty" and "elegance" are lost arts many seek help in keeping the "art of being a lady" alive.
With this in mind Author and Poet, Monique Stubbs-Hall has written a Poetic Piece entitled "LADIHOOD" and has creatively transformed this piece into a production to be performed as a unique presentation leading into to or wrapping up any women's event.
She has also built a 4 week course series for 9-18 year olds accompanied by a parent, guardian or mentor. Participants receive valuable reminders on having a lady like attitude both internally and externally. The workshop consists of four 2 hour sessions (1 per week for four weeks) and culminates with a LADIHOOD Certification event.
Book LADIHOOD on the Move to come to your organization in the form of a 4 hr or 8hr workshop to work with Mom's and Daughters and/or Mentors and Mentees in your community!
Ladihood can also present a keynote and/or workshop to business women both corporate and entrepreneurs with the topic "Grand Slammin' LADIHOOD in the Business World. Attendees will learn the four bases they must run past in order to score a "Grand Slam" Home Run as a Lady in a business environment.
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Being FEMALE is a matter of Birth, Being a WOMAN is a matter of age....Being a LADY that's a matter of choice!
You can support a book just for our Young Ladies 
Ladihood "The Art of Being A Lady"
A Pursebook of Gentle Reminders
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Dare to be Dainty
Your voluntary donations or sponsorship can go a long way to paving the way to bonding Mom's, Mentors, Guardians and their young girls as they work together through the grooming process....every dollar counts towards our Ladihood . You may choose to contribute monetarily below or if you would like to donate services such as , printing, transportation for our "Expose Her To The Best" excursions etc. please feel free to express your desire by either calling or emailing us directly...we appreciate your support!
Dare to be Dainty